Safety Standards

All Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) footwear supplied to the European market requires a valid EC type examination certificate. The EC type examination certificates are issued by European notified body test houses such as ITS Interek testing services Ltd and SATRA Technology Centre.

Anvil Traction offers specialised technical support, for peace of mind and all of our supplied PPE footwear is fully compliant with the latest European standards; EN ISO 20345:2011 standards for safety footwear and EN ISO 20347:2012 standards for Occupational footwear.

Anvil Traction’s Technical Manager is a member of the CEN/TC161 European Safety Standards Committee for foot & leg protectors and has an active involvement and influence in setting EN ISO standards so you can rest assured that at Anvil Traction we are always fully knowledgeable of and compliant with the most up-to-date safety standards.

Declarations of Conformity

To view or download the EC Declaration of Conformity for your chosen Anvil Traction product, please click here.

How Slips Occur and Reducing the Risk

Most people can walk on very slippery surfaces such as ice and will automatically change their gait (style of walking) to compensate for the change in surfaces. In most cases a slippery surface is not the main cause of a slip incident.

The most likely occurrence of a slip is the transition between one floor surface and another more slippery one, or the transition between a dry area and a lubricated area of the same floor surface e.g a spill. The slip occurs when walking by a normal gait and a change in the slipperiness of the surface is not expected.

When other preventative measures such as cleaning and removing slippery floor surfaces have been exhausted, the supply of slip resistant footwear offers a significant reduction in the slip risk. This in turn can represent huge savings in terms of litigation, compensation etc.

Independent Slip Resistance Test Results

European Standards EN ISO 20345:2011 SRC Slip Rating

This independent test method is given in the safety footwear standards. It is carried out in two test modes on two different surfaces with lubricants. These are standard 'Eurotile' with soap solution and a standard roughness steel surface with glycerol lubricant.

The results below are from industry recognised tests carried out on the outsole of our Executive range of footwear. They clearly show that Anvil Traction footwear far exceeds industry standards for slip resistance.


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